'Beautiful Cabernet' writes Ian Dunn

Much to his pleasure, wine writer IAN DUNN has sampled a wonderful Cabernet from Maygars Hill Winery.

In an article published in the popular North by North-East Magazine, Ian Dunn writes...

Thus it was with considerable pleasure that I recently encountered Jenny Houghton’s latest (2013) Maygars Hill Cabernet Sauvignon ($24) from the Strathbogies. I think this is the best Maygars Cabernet for some years. It simply demands to be drunk. No austerity here! The fruit shines through, matching the tannins beautifully. The Deft Palate was mightily impressed but has been since complaining that she didn’t receive her fair share. If one wants to offer a current release Cabernet to guests knowing they will have no reservations, try this beauty. Maygars Hill has attracted rave reviews for some of its recent Shiraz. Now there is a Cabernet equally good at an extraordinary price.

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